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KWHS student's "hit list" turned in  

Key West police are investigating a so-called “hit list” found Friday in a Key West High School student’s journal.

In a meeting with KWHS Principal John Welsh and her parents Friday, the student said she wrote the list over a year ago and never intended to harm anyone, reported Officer Jason Castillo, the Key West Police School Resource Officer at the school. She reportedly said she was just venting frustrations. Welch referred them to a psychiatrist on staff at the school, Castillo said in his report on the incident.

Titled “People to Kill,” the list of 25 names consists of students at Key West High School, one teacher at the school and an employee at another school, Castillo reported. In the report, Castillo said KWHS Principal John Welsh had notified all the students on the list along with their parents, except for a few who no longer attend the school or have left the area.

In addition, Castillo is going to contact all the parents personally to discuss any concerns and to answer any questions they may have about the situation, said Key West Police Detective Lt. Jim Benkoczy, who commands the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

Concerned students turned the journal over to the principal, Castillo said. They apparently did not tell anyone how they obtained it, although the girl told Castillo she had left it at a friend’s house. Castillo immediately brought it to the attention of Key West police detectives, who are investigating the incident, Benkoczy said.

“We take any and all allegations of incidents of this type with utmost seriousness and we make every attempt to intervene to ensure the safety of all people who may be threatened,” Benkoczy said. “We have investigated and we will continue to look into this pending development of further information.”

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