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Suspect arrested in Roosevelt Gardens stabbing  

A Key West man has been charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly held a knife to a manís throat during an argument at the Roosevelt Gardens housing complex early Tuesday morning.

The suspect, Raymond Desjardins, 34, is in the local hospital in critical condition from two knife wounds to the back. He was allegedly stabbed by a friend of a man to whose throat he was holding a knife.

The three were staying at an apartment at the complex when an argument erupted into violence. The knife had been next to a pizza they had just cut up. When the friend stabbed Desjardins, the intended victim pushed Desjardins away, wounding his hands on the knife as he escaped. The friend fled but called police later, met with police at the scene and showed them where he threw the knife with which he said he stabbed the Desjardins.

The intended victim told police Desjardins had been drunk and upset all day. His friend has not been charged. Key West Police Detective Dan Allen obtained the arrest warrant after his investigation into the incident, plus evidence gathered by Crime Scene Investigator Don Guevremont, confirmed the friendís and victimís account of events. Bond was set at $100,000

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