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Baseball bat attack  

Two men at a Key West soccer match wound up at the emergency room after an apparent fracas broke out on the playing field last night.

A spectator allegedly attacked 24-year-old victim with a baseball bat as he was leaving the area after the fight on the field ended the game at the City of Key West Wickers Field complex at about 8:30 p.m. Jose Aguilera, 36, of Key West, grabbed a bat from the back of a truck and hit the man, who had been a player in the game, so hard he fell to the ground, witnesses told Key West police.

Then Aguilera hit him again on the hand with the bat, they said. Aguilera was cut on the chin during the fight and the victimís right little finger, which was also cut, may have been broken. Both went to the emergency room at Lower Keys Medical Center hospital.

Aguilera was charged with felony aggravated battery.

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