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Three DUIs early Sunday morning  

Saturday night partying may have been behind the three Key West police arrests for driving under the influence early Sunday morning.

At 12:55 Sunday morning, Key West Police DUI specialist Luis Sanchez watched as a pickup truck made a wide turn off Palm Avenue onto North Roosevelt Boulevard. It hit the curb and bounced onto the inside lane, nearly colliding with Sanchez’ patrol car. Sanchez followed and stopped it after seeing it also weaving in and out of the center lane. The driver, Robert Albert Jenkins, 22 of Holiday, Fla., reportedly fumbled with his papers, smelled of alcohol and was unable to perform the roadside sobriety exercises. Sanchez arrested himfor DUI.

At about 1 a.m., DUI Specialist Kevin O’Connell followed a trail of leaking fluid from a hit-and-run crash to the leaking, damaged car. Leaning on the front of it was Jonathan Mark Welch, 21, who reportedly smelled of alcohol. Welch agreed to take a breath test at the county jail. He reportedly tested at more than twice the legal limit. O’Connell arrested him for DUI, three counts of DUI with property damage and leavingthe scene of an accident with property damage.

At 4:12 a.m., Sanchez was called in by Officer Keith Rendueles who had stopped Daniel Phillip DiFabio, 21, of Key West, for speeding and driving carelessly, weaving in and out of the center lane. Sanchez reported DiFabio smelled of alcohol, swayed back and forth when he got out of the vehicle and could not do the sobriety exercises correctly. Sanchez arrested DiFabio for DUI.

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