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Woman arrested for battery on her elderly mother  

      Key West police arrested a local woman for battery Thursday after three Key West beauty salon employees reported they saw her pushing around and cursing her 80-year-old mother who she brought in for a haircut.
      They said they had seen such abuse in the past as well at the salon. One employee said Francis Nystrom, 63, told her mother to hurry up after using the restroom, cursed her and roughly grabbed her by the arm and pulled her, telling her to hurry up. Another said she had seen Nystrom yank her mother out of the car and violently put her arm around her motherís neck in a choke hold while cursing her for asking a question. Another employee said Nystrom cursed at her mother in front of people for standing in the doorway and that the mother was visibly upset. They all provided Key West Police Officer Robert Winterbottom with sworn, written statements describing the alleged abuse.
      Winterbottom visited the mother at Bayshore Manor and reported she appeared to be unharmed. He then arrested Nystrom at her Riviera Drive home for battery on a person over 65 years old.

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