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Stabbing at beach birthday party  

     A birthday party at Higgs Beach last night ended abruptly when a man reportedly pulled a knife from his pocket and allegedly slashed two men.
     The people at the party told Key West Police Officer Pablo Rodriguez they had asked Calvin Alexander Carey, 40, to leave because he was arguing and using profanity at one of the women. Then, they said, he took something from his right front pocket and went up to one man and thrust his right arm toward him, inflicting a superficial cut on his left side. Then he walked around to behind a man sitting on a bench and made a swiping motion at him, leaving a 4-inch deep cut in his right side, they said. Then he fled on a bicycle.
     Paramedics were treating the victims when officers arrived. Police radioed out Carey’s description, and, as Officer Jared Gabbay headed toward the area, he saw a man matching the description on a bicycle headed away from Higgs Beach on Reynolds Street. Gabbay stopped him and ordered him to the ground. He and Sgt. Eric Biskup took him back to the beach where the witnesses reportedly identified him. Rodriguez arrested Carey for aggravated battery

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