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Man with gun objects to loud music  



      A Miami Beach man apparently taking exception to loud music allegedly brandished a gun at four men in an adjoining Key West condominium apartment Friday night.

      A Bradenton man answered the door at about 10 p.m. and saw a stranger holding a gun. The man later told Key West Police Officer Jared Gabbay that the visitor said he would not put up with loud music, that he was a Vietnam veteran and that he would put a stop to the music.
      When the stranger leaned into the room to enter, the man closed the door on him, he told Gabbay. The three other men in the apartment confirmed the account, with one adding the visitor said, “You’ve got two choices.” Another said he saw the man get on the elevator holding a black bag. They called police. They knew the man was from the adjoining apartment.
      The man’s wife reportedly told Gabbay her husband kept his guns secured and that he was downstairs with their car, a white Toyota. Gabbay and Officer Brandon Kutner found the man, Paul Makos, 49, of Miami Beach, hiding in the bushes about five feet from the car. The four men from the condo positively identified him as the gun wielding visitor.
      Makos gave the officers the car keys and, in the trunk, they reportedly found a gun in plain sight and a black bag. The men said the first gun was not the one Makos held. But they recognized one of two guns in the black bag as the one used to threaten them. That one, a .45 caliber automatic, and another, were both loaded with a round in the chamber.
      They also found a device that looked like a pipe bomb, for which they called the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad.
      Gabbay arrested Makos for three counts of possession of firearms by a convicted felon, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, making or possessing a destructive device and burglary of a structure.

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