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Suspended license gets driver in trouble  

      A man Key West police stopped for reckless driving late Saturday night turned out to be wanted for driving with a suspended license.
      A call went out on the police radio about a blue Chevrolet Avalanche driving recklessly in Old Town with a screaming woman in the car.
      A minute later, Officer Blair Lowe spotted it at a North Roosevelt Boulevard parking lot. The driver reportedly told Lowe he was driving fast to escape from a fight downtown.
      He gave Lowe a driverís license that he said belonged to a friend. Then he reportedly gave Lowe another name that did not register on the national computer system. None of the other people in the car could come up with his name either, Lowe reported. The man again gave Lowe the name he gave before, only with a different middle name. Officer Kevin OíConnell ran that name on the computer. The driverís license photo was of someone else.
      The driver finally gave the officers the name Brandon Alan Purvis, which not only checked out, but showed Purvis, a 24-year-old Immolakee man, was wanted in Collier County for driving with a suspended license. Lowe arrested Purvis for that warrant, for driving with a suspended license and for giving a false name to a law enforcement officer.

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