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Man arrested for beating his girlfreind twice  

A Tampa man was arrested in Key West Friday for allegedly beating his girlfriend and keeping her from calling police. During one beating, he reportedly locked all the doors, took her car keys and cell phone and threatened to keep her in the house for four days until the bruises healed.

The beatings took place Sept. 24 and 28, but the 22-year-old woman did not call police until Friday because she feared more beatings, she told Key West Police Officer Matt Dorgan. Dorgan reported she had several bruises on her face, neck and arms. Friends finally persuaded her to report the incidents, she said.

She said they argued over money on Sept. 24. He threw a bottle at a wall, not at her, which frightened her. Then he punched her in the face and arms. He pulled her back into the bedroom when she tried to leave and threw her on the bed, then told her to get out of the house.

She did not see him again until Sept. 28, when they argued again, she told Dorgan. She went into the bedroom to pack her things. Thatís when he locked her in and threatened her. Again, she tried to leave and he grabbed her, picked her up and slammed her on the ground. She told Dorgan she was afraid he would kill her.

Dorgan went to their house and found the man, Erik James Julia, 26, asleep. Dorgan woke him up and read him his rights. Julia reportedly told Dorgan his girlfriend was bruised because she is a dancer. Dorgan arrested him for domestic battery, false imprisonment and tampering with a victim.

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