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One arrest clears three burglaries  

An arrest of one Key West man has solved three burglaries and resulted in the return to their owners of three watches worth about $16,000, Key West police detectives said.

Detective Frank Duponty charged Richard Allen Lundbloom, 38, with grand theft, dealing in stolen property and violation of the Florida Pawn Act. Detective Brenda Sellers charged him in two separate burglaries: one for grand theft and burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and the other for grand theft, burglary of a unoccupied dwelling and dealing in stolen property.

Sellers investigated two apartments that were burglarized during the evacuation for Hurricane Ivan. Her investigation led to the recovery of $1,100 in the stolen property and additional burglary charges on Lundbloom, who was already in jail on Duponty’s charges.

On Sept. 22, Duponty arrested Lundbloom for a Sept. 18 burglary in which residents of an Albury Street house reported two Cartier watches stolen from the house while they were out for an evening walk. Duponty spotted one of the watches on a pawn ticket on Sept. 21, the same day one of the victims saw it in a local pawn shop and notified police. The pawn ticket led to Lundbloom, Duponty said.

During an interview with Duponty, Lundbloom returned the other stolen watch, Duponty said. Duponty had a police hold placed on the watch at the pawn shop. The return of the third watch arose from Duponty’s ongoing investigation of another burglary in which Lundbloom is a suspect, Duponty said.

More burglary charges may be pending against Lundbloom, Duponty said.

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