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Fantasy Fest crowd well behaved  

Consensus among Key West police officers is that this year’s Fantasy Fest crowd consisted of many older and better behaved people.

“More law abiding,” “less rowdiness,” were terms officers used. Sgt. Ken Hock said it was the quietest Fantasy Fest in terms of police action he has seen in the 15 years he has been here. He was stationed at the corner of Caroline and Duval streets.

Saturday night police made 44 arrests, compared to as many as 150 in the past, Hock observed. Friday night only 26 people were arrested. About half of those were people taken into protective custody for their own protection – mostly too drunken to be left safely in public. Officers quickly quelled a number of fights in the most congested area around Duval and Greene streets. Hock said the bars cooperated in closing up on time at 4 a.m., making clearing the streets much easier for police.

Exhausted officers said Fantasy Fest again this year was safe for everyone.

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