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Brick of marijuana in car that ran stop sign  

A man Key West police stopped for running a stop sign early Friday morning turned out reportedly to have a $600 brick of compressed marijuana in his car.

After Officer Rich Thomas stopped a car for running a stop sign at Angela and Thomas streets, he noticed the driver was acting very nervous, moving around in his seat and reaching over to the passenger side. Thomas called for backup.

Officer Todd Stevens arrived and asked if anything illegal was in the car. The driver, Alexandro Martinez, 18, of Key West, said, “No,” and consented to a search of the car. They reportedly found a pungent, 7-inch brick of marijuana under the driver’s seat. They handcuffed Martinez and his passenger. Then they found a Ziploc bag full of smaller plastic bags in the glove compartment. A K-9 team walked around the car, the dog alerting on traces of marijuana throughout the car.

They seized the car, released the passenger and arrested Martinez for possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute.

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