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Telephone scam is back  

A telephone scam that cost some local people a lot of money last year appears to have returned, said Key West Police Detective Sgt. Donie Lee.

Key West police are warning people to beware of calls from persons claiming to be a friend or a friend of a friend in trouble and asking money to be wired to them, Lee said. The most common version involved a “friend” who was robbed in some other city or country and says he is marooned there without money or identification papers, Lee said.

In a case reported to Key West police on April 27, the victim was asked to wire the money to a third party because the victim, the supposed friend, has no identification to present to pick up the money, Lee added. Another involves calling local businesses and soliciting money to help out friends who are aiding a friend who is gravely ill, Lee said.

“Before wiring money to someone claiming to need help, confirm the circumstances described and confirm the identity of the people involved,” Lee said.

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