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Impatient man damages ATM  

     A man Key West police arrested early Wednesday morning for criminal mischief reportedly said he “banged” on an ATM machine because he thought is took too long to dispense his money.
     The doorman at a Truman Avenue adult entertainment establishment called Key West police at 2 a.m. when he saw a man repeatedly hitting an ATM belonging to the business. He showed Officer Areaka Jewell that the plastic piece of the top lighted portion of the machine was broken and falling out. He described the man, who ran away.
     Jewell went to a nearby open-air bar and found a man matching the description playing darts there. She asked him to return with her to the adult entertainment establishment and he agreed to do so.
     The doorman identified him as the man he saw damaging the ATM. At first the man, William J. Lepouski, 39, of Stock Island, denied involvement and then said he hit it because it took too long to produce his money.

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